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Pet Identification in Yorktown, VA

Consider if your dog or cat went missing. Giving him or her the best opportunity to return home would be ideal. This can be done with microchipping.

A secure, long-lasting method of identifying your pet in case they become missing is through microchipping. At the back of the neck, just beneath the loose skin, is a microchip, a tiny device the size and shape of a grain of rice. A veterinarian or veterinary technician will use a handheld microchip scanner to look for a chip when a missing dog or cat without an ID tag is discovered. If the animal has an ID number, it will communicate it to the scanner using a low-frequency radio wave. After contacting the chip manufacturer to obtain the pet owner’s phone number, the veterinary clinic or animal shelter calls the owner.

Even the most obedient pet owners cannot always ensure that their animals won’t get lost. A pet could push through a screen door or window, a leash could break or escape your grasp, or a friend can unintentionally leave a door or gate open.

Pet Identification

To make an appointment to microchip your pet, please get in touch with us. While we hope your pet never gets missing, you should be ready just in case. We can also offer a strategy you can put in place in case your pet should go missing, giving you time to take appropriate action.