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Canine & Feline Wellness in Yorktown, VA

To maintain their health and guarantee a higher standard of living, cats and dogs need regular checkups from a veterinarian. We advise regular or semiannual pet inspections to ensure the well-being of your pet.

The main goals of wellness checkups for pets are to establish baseline health and find early illness symptoms. Our veterinarians conduct a complete examination of your pet’s health using their knowledge and veterinary diagnostic equipment. Each pet examination will be customized to your pet’s specific needs and take into account your concerns.

Canine & Feline Wellness

Among the procedures we carry out during a yearly health examination are:

  • A comprehensive examination
  • Weight measurement and body condition rating
  • Fecal examination
  • Bloodwork that is age-appropriate
  • Vaccines, if necessary
  • Prescription for preventing parasites
  • Test for heartworms (for dogs)
  • Screening for diseases caused by ticks
  • If necessary, a urine test
  • Nutritional advice, if necessary
  • If necessary, behavioral counseling

Why Year-Round Parasite Prevention is Necessary

Parasite avoidance is a crucial subject to cover during your pet’s annual exam. The health of your pet is seriously threatened by parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms (which are spread by mosquitoes), which are particularly common in Virginia’s temperate environment.

Fleas can spread Bartonella, popularly known as “cat scratch illness,” and allergic reactions in dogs with weakened immune systems.

It is well-recognized that Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis can be spread to humans and animals by ticks. Last but not least, heartworms can lead to heartworm disease, Heartworm disease is not difficult to diagnose. It is simple. However, the damage resulting from heartworm infections, even if treated, is permanent and can be deadly if ignored.

To keep your dogs healthy and protected from these harmful diseases, Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital strongly advises year-round parasite prevention. To ensure your pet has the best defense against parasites, we will discuss choices with you at your yearly exam.

Canine & Feline Wellness